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STEP 1: Arrange a Meeting:

  • I send you the introductory information package (including ADV Parts 2A and 2B).
  • You complete an online questionnaire and provide investment account details.
  • We decide on a mutually convenient time to meet.

STEP 2: Get Acquainted Meeting

  • You tell me about yourself, your goals, and the type of services you expect to receive.
  • I describe my investment philosophy and strategy (Common Sense Investing), explain why identifying risks and expenses are so crucial and present examples of my work.
  • We agree on the project details and cost (based on my hourly rate).
  • If you accept the offer we arrange for our next meeting.
  • If you choose not to engage me you are free to leave without any obligation.

STEP 3: Information Gathering and Analysis Meeting

  • I ask you questions and gather information about: your specific investment objectives; attitude toward risk, previous investment experience; when withdrawals are to begin, and other important information.
  • An invoice for partial payment is sent following the meeting.

STEP 4: Written Description of Project Goals and Tasks (PGT)

  • I mail a description of your goals and objectives for the project and a list of the tasks I must perform to meet your expectations. I may request additional information.
  • I include a draft of your Investment Policy Statement (specifics of the decision-making process and how investments will be managed).
  • You approve or correct the documents to ensure we are in agreement on the final product.

STEP 5: Presentation Meeting

  • When you have approved the project details, I complete your personal Investment Plan and prepare specific recommendations, an Action Plan and supporting information.
  • We meet together and I explain:
    • The Investment Policy Statement (includes details of the investment strategy).
    • Observations on your portfolio (including what you pay in expenses and fees).
    • Recommendations for improvement (e.g., specific buy/sell instructions),
    • Before and After: spreadsheets pointing out important details of your current portfolio and the result after the recommendations are implemented.
    • Estimates of how much income the portfolio could produce over time.
  • After I have explained the plan and answered your questions, you will be sent an invoice for the remainder of the fee.

STEP 6: Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

  • During the following year I provide regular information (articles, newsletters, etc.) along with informal follow-up communications.
  • You are responsible for reviewing your account statements and should call me whenever you have questions or concerns. I do not charge for these calls (unless it is part of a previously established ongoing project).
  • Annual Investment Plan Renewal and Portfolio Rebalancing.
    • While your Investment Plan does not require constant monitoring and maintenance it does requires regular updating. To remain effective the portfolio’s asset allocation (investment mix) must be rebalanced annually and your plan adjusted for changes and important events that occur during the year.
    • This Annual Plan Renewal is an optional, separate project (at my hourly rate). [For a full explanation [click here The Value of an Annual Plan Renewal and What is Included in the Annual Plan Renewal]