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DISCIPLINE and DIRECTION: Making the Right Decisions

A Logical Process for Making Prudent Decisions
  • Not just a strategy or plan.
Collaborative Approach/Partnership
  • You and I have complementary duties & responsibilities.
  • Our interests are aligned - no hidden agendas.
  • I provide guidance and discipline to help you stick to the plan.
  • You fulfill the personal responsibility to yourself and your family to understand the investment strategy and retain control over the important policy decisions.
A Logical, Conservative Investment Strategy
  • Based on sound investment principles backed by empirical evidence.
  • Easy to understand investment rules and guidelines.
  • Focuses on managing risk as well as seeking better returns.
Insulates Decision-Making from the Influence of Human Nature and Emotion
  • The biggest obstacle to investment success is our own Human Nature.
An Uncomplicated, Written Investment Plan
  • Based on your most important investment goals.
  • Reduces costs: identifies and controls taxes, fees, and expenses.
  • Efficient implementation, management and monitoring.
  • Regular review, course correction and portfolio rebalancing.
  • Simplifies your life and provides you with peace of mind.

EMPATHY: Appreciation for You as a Person

Respects You as an Individual
  • Recognizes and appreciates your personal situation, beliefs, and preferences.
  • Listens and answers questions, attentive to concerns or anxiety.
Customized Personal Plan - not "one-size-fits-all.”
  • Based on your instructions as detailed in the Investment Policy Statement
  • Goal-Oriented – addresses your specific financial goals.
  • A prudent level of risk (not too little, not too much)
    • Based on your personal risk tolerance and target rate of return.

FAIRNESS: Treating You Fairly

Fee Based on Work Performed (no commissions or asset fees).
  • Hourly rate – cost is directly correlated to the amount of work.
Transparency: you know exactly what you are paying – in advance.


At the end of the day investors are forced to rely on the advisor’s integrity. Ultimately the value of every other important element of your relationship flows from trustworthiness.

  • Expertise (Education, Experience, Credentials, Judgment) - see Bio.
A Fiduciary Duty – no divided loyalty (creating the basis for trust)
  • I work for you first! All other associations are subordinate.
  • I follow the CFP® definition of fiduciary: One who acts in the utmost good faith, acting in a way we reasonably believe is in the best interests of our clients.
  • Actions based on Policies and Principles - not simply rules and regulations.
  • Follow a strict Code of Conduct and Practice Standards [CFP® AIF®].
  • Exercise objectivity, confidentiality, diligence, proper management of resources.
  • Hourly-rate compensation means no sales-related conflicts of interests.
  • Consistent and dependable, live up to promises.

EDUCATION: Helping You Become A Better Investor

The Fundamental Rules of Investing
  • The Not-So-Secret Secrets of Successful Investing℠.
  • Sound, common sense investment principles that really work.
Why Some Widely-Held Beliefs About Investing are Actually Wrong
  • How markets actually behave, not how we think they should behave.
Protecting Yourself from the Influence of Human Nature
  • How Human Nature affects decision-making.
How to avoid the Common Mistakes Investors Make on a Regular Basis